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Word Crissy

Fun way to pass idle time

Word Crossy

Great game.


Definitely passes time but there are SO many words that “aren’t recognized” by shaking!? That’s just not right.

Good, but needs work.

Overall, I really enjoy the game. Makes me think, passes time, and serves as a sort of distractor for me when I just want to relax. However, it has its issues that are beginning to really frustrate me. 1. Not sure if it’s just me, but I have been sitting at the end of the game for a few weeks now. I keep waiting for new updates that supposedly happen “weekly”, but mine hasn’t moved. Therefore, I have one a day to do (the daily one), unless I want to do something I’ve already completed...which I don’t. 2. I paid to go ad free. It wasn’t too much and I figured since I was playing it regularly, it’d be worth it. However, I think I get MORE of the internal ads advertising coin sells and what not now. It’s super overkill and makes me want to stop playing sometimes. Those are the main complaints. I agree with some other reviews about the new layout. Not a fan. The older layer was much cleaner and easier to follow. This one is more “showy”.

Decent game but

I’d give it more stars, but emailed them twice due to daily login rewards haven’t been working for several weeks. Keep seeing the daily rewards, but nothing to open and receive.


Perfect way for the mind to stay sharp

False advertising

I saw an ad for this and it said it was an app that there were two emojis and you had to Ad them together to get a word or a phrase or I name. I started playing and there is no adding of emojis it’s just crossword puzzles

Addicting and frustrating

This game is fun and addictive. I love word puzzles, but it is not consistent with words it accepts and the scoring is all over the place. If you’re looking for something to pass the time this is a great game. If you’re a game nerd and have to get the best score this game will be so frustrating.

Not worth the download

Stupid boring game. I gave it a one star only because it would not post my review otherwise. This deserves no star(s).


i love the tropical visual/layout. so beautifully


Last update said new levels, still on 1434 since last update


When is it going for more I finished all levels nice game

Puzzled crossword

The game is good. I enjoy playing it. Helps pass the time when needed. Helps refire some of the synapsis in my brain. But the down side is there are way too many ads. And long ads i can’t just click out of. I get it you have to have them for the free version. but do they need to be after every level. And last over 10 secs. Also guessing a word wrong that is clearly a word is very frustrating. Just played a level with the word “ton” being incorrect. Why is it not a bonus word at the least if it’s not in The puzzle? Would love to give it more stars but these minor irritants keep the score down.

Amazing request.

It only let me play 5 minutes and requests a rating.

Fun but inaccurate

Love the game, but hate the fact that it doesn’t register all words. Do not care if I get points or not... not entirely sure how the points are calculated for words that aren’t on the board... but please find a way to differentiate the words that are REAL words and you don’t get points from words that don’t exist. It’s one thing that if there’s a limit on the “extra coin points” you receive for a word, but please stop making the system act the same as it would if it were not an actual word.


Needs to stay connected to Facebook! Stop 🛑 making me reconnect every time I go to play! Also if I don’t want to guess the extra word I should be able just to move on! Stop trying to make me buy coins!


This game does work. Boo.

Could be better

Kills time and is challenging. The constant adds that cannot be closed without closing the game are super annoying. Their “deals” to remove adds is only for a limited time removal. What a shame.

I really love this game!

I find it addicting. Of course, it is costing me more money than I would like to buy hints. Now I am impatiently waiting for more levels to be added as I can’t go any further.

Fun but with flaws

Seems that whoever made these word banks was beyond lazy. There are literally websites devoted to finding words that you can make out of certain letters and yet "vote" is not a correct, or bonus, word out of " S O V T E". That's just one out of 10 examples I've found so far, and I'm on level 30. Just simple laziness which ends up being frustrating because you lose the bonus points due to someone's oversight. Otherwise I like the game.


Enjoy game

“Words” that aren’t words

Firstly, way too many ads in the free version. One each round?? Ridiculous. Yeah yeah I know, it’s the FREE version, but..... Secondly, this game is not unique in this, but don’t accept words that aren’t real words...and decline words that really are words.


I can't get the game to connect to Facebook on my ipad. It connected fine to my iPhone.... What am I doing wrong?


There are far too many advertisements for the game and for outside games. I came to play, not to have ads with a side of game.

Fun game

Fun to play

I like it

I like it


Not as advertised. Just so-so. Deleting.

What happened!!??

Downloaded this game on my iPad logging in with Facebook. Bought coins paid for no ads played everyday. Started locking up so I uninstalled and installed it again. Logged in via FB and I’m back to the beginning level 1. Rip off


Just passing through and having fun

Fun game

Good fun

Kinda simplistic

Lost interest


Love this game.

Love it!

I think I'm addicted.

Worth it


New levels?

I’ve been waiting weeks for new levels to appear and I check back daily for updates.

Word crossy

Terrible, ran out of words after two days. I paid extra for ad removal which was rip off when there's nothing to play except daily challenge that doesn't work most days.

Don’t want gummy drop thanks

If I want to get gummy drop I will but when I try to get coins it comes up and you can’t get out of it and don’t get the coins for watching it totally disappointed right now and I really love the game just get rid of gummy drop ads

Ads and Token Purchases Over Done

I enjoy the game its self, but there is an add after every level and a push for you to buy tokens. While get the game is free, that is a bit over kill. I don’t mind an add every couple of levels, but not everyone. And ask me once when I first open the app if I want tokens not after every level. The overkill ruins the game experience.

Trouble with game....

Daily price is stuck on 7th day... and today it won’t open my game

Great! Just two things...

To be honest, I really love this game I think it’s super fun, there’s just two things that drive me crazy. First, there’s this bug where every time I click on a video to earn some coins, it doesn’t pull up a video, just a picture ad, and I don’t get any coins. It’s super annoying. Second, I’m pretty sure the wheel you spin daily is rigged to land on 50% off EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that just bugs. But other than that I find this game entertaining and a fun way to pass the time!

Like it !

So far so good!

Good game

I enjoy playing to pass the time. No the best word game I’ve played but not the worst either

Word Crossy

The app never worked

Good Time killer

Good time killer. Makes one think even if not deep, can help kids in spelling.

Fun Game

Relaxing and enjoyable way to pass the time.

Not as Advertised

Play is slow, ads frequent, and the way words are formed is not the way the Facebook ad showed.

Doesn’t work on more than one device.

My progress on one device isn’t transferred to another, even though they are both connected to my Facebook. Very annoying. Game itself is addictive, but the amount of ads is insane!!

Advertisement on FB

The advertisement you have on FB doesn't match the game in this app. I downloaded the app for the honeycomb game. It's misleading so I deleted it. Very disappointed

Okay, that’s all

The game recognizes only some words from the dictionary in some puzzles, but not in others. Example, it said that ‘she’ is recognized, but ‘he’ is not. So if you want a bonus, you won’t get one. Also, I had the word ‘sod’ in one puzzle, but in another it said it wasn’t a word and took my glowy border thing away instead of transcribing that as an extra work that was created. For this sever misuse of the dictionary in every puzzle, two stars for you.

Bait and switch

Too bad. You click on an ad for what looks like a fun crossword game and you end up with this one, which in no way resembles the game you thought you were getting. Waste of my time.

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