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Great mind clearer

I can spend a half hour with no worries

Has major issues since today’s update!

When you guess a word it doesn’t always take. You end up having to use hints to spell the word you just guessed. So far you owe me 8 hints or either that I will use up my hints and delete this app! I think I’ll do that cuz it may be several months b4 it is fixed.


Easy game

Word stimuli

Fun way to challenge your mind


Open the app: it's just a pink screen. That's literally it. Bad joke.

Frustrating glitch?

Nice game, gets progressively more difficult. My one frustration with this game is that it repeatedly displays an icon for watching a video to earn coins but then no video appears. Why program the icon appear if a video is not offered? Aggravation!

Word crossy

This game is fantastic !! You relax when your playing and you can’t stop playing!!!


Great app.

Great game

Love this game.

Not the same game as advertised

I clicked on this game because it was advertised in another game I play. What I saw in the ad looked like fun, but when I downloaded it, the game was not even close to what the ad showed.

Word Cross

So far - keeping my interest. I like playing it.


Could be more...


I like the way it changes my thinking. Great game to play in morning.

Great game

Most fun I have had on a game. It is challenging but fun. Just get it, you won’t be sorry! They need to UNHIDE the battery icon so you can see if it is getting low? Other than that it is a great brain exercise!

Great, but....

Fun but limited vocabulary. Canceling because of the political advertising


Loved this game until I can’t get free coins by viewing the ads. All I get is a blank screen after the ad ends with no coins. VERY FRUSTRATING to say the least. Oh well it was good while it lasted. Please fix this

Game not as shown

This is not the game as shown in the advertisements!

Excellent App

Keeps me Masters Degree in engineering, my daughter RN, and my fifth grade granddaughter happy!!

Word Crossy

Very entertaining


As we get older need to keep sharp


There are fake words.


This game is awesome and even works when your in the middle of nowhere without connectivity or have a device that connects via Internet and don't have access. Can be used anywhere in that case (e.g. Hospitals, planes, etc...). Great combination of word creation and crosswords. Both provide just enough insight to provide the clues you need to find a word. Great game, great idea, have to check out other games by this developer.

Misleading YouTube Ad

I saw an ad for this on YouTube. Very miss leading. I thought it was going to be a bunch of letter that slowly went away as you found the words amongst them, but no. Very disappointed


Too many glitches.

Ok game

Ok so far. Many more games just like this.

Word Crossy

I also find it irritating. Uses words spelled wrong and doesn’t give credit for regular usage words in our vocabulary. Uses proper names and abbreviations,slang. Sometimes I put it down because it makes me crazy. Who vets this to be sure it is correct? Don’t they use spellcheck?

Word Crosby

Fun game. It is habit forming!

Not the same game

This game is fun but it is not the game from the advertisement.

Buggy and unclear

As others have said, sometimes the "words" are not words at all, and there's lots of repetition. Worst, though, is the number of times an ad gets stuck. Sometimes, you can click through the ad and get back by clicking Done, but sometimes you're just stuck with a blank screen. Not worth the time.

Word Crossy is pretty cool

Love that it helps me to get creative with words. May even help me with memory

I just got this app

And so far I’m loving it! Probably going to remove the ads, very annoying! But fun for one player!


Having fun with this game. Just wish it had more clear instructions about how the scoring works and if you are penalized for not getting the correct words.


Enjoyable. Fun.

Lots of problems

Every time I go to watch a video for coins the game kicks me out especially when I'm getting 1/2 price hints.

Just getting started

So far, so good.


Love it


Enjoying this game

Super man

Great game really hard at times didn't know could make so many words with so few letters


Was a good game until it froze and won’t let me play the daily challenge or go to any of the other puzzles I have to keep reconnecting to Facebook and I’m not going to keep it installed if it’s not going to let me play


Relaxes me before bed


I got this game because of the ad but the game was nothing like the ad I saw



Started Out Great

This started out great until I got to level twelve. (Which took less than an hour.) Now the game won't progress to the next level, and I can't figure out why.


Great game

Word Cross

Fun game. Helps keep my mind sharp, it needs it. Some words I find them hard to believe. Otherwise a great game to pass the time with.

Dictionary please!!!

I have an expansive multi-lingual vocabulary. I also am a very good speller. My point is, this game uses words that do not exist. My guess is so you’d HAVE to use advertisements in order to finish the puzzles. I played several levels, just in case my theory might be wrong. It is, and was NOT!!! Epic fail by cheating, making up words that are NOT IN THE DICTIONARY, just to make us look at advertisements!!! Shame on you! You could have used real words, but chose to be lazy and dishonest!?

Nothing like it is advertised.

The game is advertised in a totally different way than it is actually played.

Not very challenging and glitchy

This app has a number of problems. One is that it’s kind of easy. The second is that the ad pop ups have the “close” button very tiny and half off the screen so every time the ad finishes and you try to close it it ALWAYS TAKES YOU TO THE APP STORE. You have to close that window and go back to the game over and over again. Third: even though settings allow you to turn off sound and music - it doesn’t work.

Build your skill

Great way to build your confidence and your word skills as you move along from level to level.

Buggy, ads are beyond irritating

Inconsistent approach for hints.

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