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Don’t play

This game is bad. Took money. Gets stuck on levels.


One of the best


Great for most ages!

Fun but frustrating

Game is fun, and small repetitive words do seem a bit too common. Many times the coins I earn are impossible to empty from piggy bank, so it gets really frustrating. Good game, but bugs need work. A new butterfly game appeared for a few days, and the scoring and completion of the game were incomprehensible, as it went really fast. I wound up losing almost a thousand coins I had amassed. Very frustrating, and I still don’t know why it happened. Confusing.


This is the 1st game I’ve loaded on my phone I think it’s pretty cool!

Game was fun until a pop up cost me $49.99

I never leave reviews but this app has me very upset. I was enjoying the game and whenever I was bored or had free time I would play. I actually paid $4.99 for coins twice to get out of a tough level. However on Sunday I decided to play to kill the time. I got interrupted and had my phone in my hand by my pop socket and didn’t realize that the pop up to buy coins was up as soon as I realized I it I made sure my finger wasn’t on the home button and didn’t sign in when it requested 2x. The thing I know I’m thanked for my purchase and billed the next day. I liked the game but I don’t like being charged for an in-app purchase if I didn’t approve. I quickly deleted the app from my phone so that I never have to worry about this again.

Obnoxious advertising

I deleted this when it started continuously opening the App Store for advertised apps.


My Instagram advertised this as a little word play thing where like.. it gave you a word and some pictures and you used the pictures to make the word. So I downloaded. This.. is crosswords and word searches and it’s okay I guess but? Not what I thought I was getting. Maybe it shows up later? Not sticking around to find out.


How can something like this even be allowed on the internet? Ridiculous!!!

Fun game

This is a fun way to pass the time. It can be quite challenging. Would give it five stars except for the fact that there is a glitch that sometimes won’t allow me to empty my piggy bank right away, thus meaning I either have to move on and waste any coins I earn or wait until it finally decides to release them.

Waste of time

Ridiculous...after every round is a 30sec ad. Not worth the time.


Game is fun but it freezes and there are no instructions to reset that work. It took my money to buy coins but won’t let me play.

Could be much better

I am playing this game on two different devices and they look different for it to be the same game. They pay with coins and flowers but what do you do with them? They have stuff you buy with cash money but nothing to be purchased with coins nor flowers what gives? Then they can't want you to contact them they have an outlook email address I tried to contact them and the messages wasn't delivered it came back so I came here to let you all know about this I don't have an outlook account. If your vocabulary is up this is a good way to past the time!

Not fun

Not what was advertised on Facebook

Word Crossy

Great game


I’m actually confused because I downloaded this based on an ad I saw in another game and this is not what it showed on the video. This is just a word cross game. Your gameplay video advertises a completely different type of game.

Word Crossy

I loved it until level 19 and it stopped working and I can’t figure what to do..It comes up but want put the letters together when u type them...I was really getting addicted...Oh well on to something that works


Definitely a fun app.


I thought I was downloading a game with pictures that you have to find the words on. Very misleading. But it’s an okay game. Something to pass time while waiting.

This company is crap

They make ads for this game that are not this game. You can find better don’t support them.


I really enjoy this game it makes me think and improves my words with friends by reminding me of words and patterns. The scoring is odd. I have no idea what creates a good or a great but that doesn’t matter. I play for the enjoyment not to outdo someone. I love the frequent rewards

It’s ok but....

It’s a good thing for passing time BUT seriously there is at least two commericials after every play!!!! I just wanted to play the game. Now, I’m playing something else. 😏 Frustrated closing ads more than playing the game. No thanks.


Too many ads while I’m trying to play!

Easy fun

Easy fun exercising your brain! Not sure about how the bonuses work and how my points total helps.

Game not as shown in FB ad

The FB ad showed a completely different game where you move parts of a picture to creat a new object. Showed the word mushroom and then taking a turtle shell and a tree trunk to make a picture of mushroom. Disappointed to click the link and get another standard crossword game.


This used to be a fun and creative application. Now it’s all about watching ads. I used to love it . Now it keeps stopping while I am forced to watch ad after ad after ad in order to get enough Coins to continue. BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!!!! I detest what you’ve done to it. If all else falls you are forced to delete this application and start all over from scratch BUT in the beginning the puzzles are painfully easy.

Wish there was a no ads option

I like playing the game but with the annoying 30 second ads, it makes this a chore. Wish there was a way to pay to get rid of the Looooooooong ads. Then I would continue to play it.

False advertisement

Downloaded because of the video on Instagram but the game resembles nothing from the video. Click bait and it’s a shame cause the game from the video looked really fun

So many ads

Maybe if I didn’t have to see an ad after EVERY LEVEL. You would have gotten a much better rating but that seems to be a trend in Apple store. Uninstalled, tired of commercials ☹️

Several issues

UPDATE: I have dropped my rating from a three star to a one star. I had a pop up show up when I open the app today that was a special offer for 5100 coins for $14.99. So I clicked on it & was charged the $99.00 special instead. 😡 This is the second time this has happened. Granted I got the right number of coins for $99.99 purchase but I refuse to spend $100 on this game. I’m trying to figure out how to dispute this charge right now. I’m so mad I might even stop playing the game altogether. Also I enjoy playing this game but they are still words that are actual dictionary words that are not recognized even as bonuses. And they are words that I don’t even recognize that you get credit for sometimes. I like this game overall but it has several issues. The piggy bank is hard to understand. It tells you that you can collect now but then you have to wait 12 hours. Plus the countdown clock for the 12 hours is way off. I had 6:46 left. Then 5 minutes later I had 7:10. What???? And if I didn’t let it run down while I sat there & watched it then it would stop counting down. Also in the higher levels 300+ it won’t give you bonus for 3 letter words unless there are 3 letter words in the puzzle. AND there are several puzzles where valid bonus words are not recognized & it prevents you from getting your Combo points. Super aggravating!!!

Great Mind Buzz

Good Stimulator.

Not what was pictured

I tried the game because I thought it was a different word came...the one pictured that caught my attention was not what loaded. This is just like Word Cookies or Wordscapes

Love the game, hate the obnoxious ads

I know you have to make money on ads, but seriously – I don’t mind sitting through them. But when there’s no way to mute them – NO WAY… THEY PLAY NO MATTER WHAT… AND LOUD – well, I’m done with it. 2 Stars, only because when the ads aren’t obnoxious, it’s a nice game.

Not what advertised

The ad I clicked was for a game with pictures puzzles of words but this is just another word scramble. False advertising

Good game, but...

... the stupid piggy bank cat thing is just a blatant attempt to get money. It adds nothing to the game, and the rapidity with which a piggy bank is filled makes its existence thereafter an annoyance. I’m not about to pay $20 to very temporarily “unlock” it. I can see the sale of “coins” but not the piggy bank. I noticed the app on my phone doesn’t include it, making that a far better game.

Omg too many ADS

I am at level 643 I think and every single thing I do has to be AFTER another AD. F this game.


Just like any other crossword game. The add on fb had a guy finding words and then being able to fix a house. I downloaded thinking that would be the object of this game and would be fun. It was not as advertised

Word Crossy

Good mental stimulation for the aging. Would use for my young children to help learn vocabulary

Let me play

I don’t need to be showed how to play the game, I’ll figure it out on my own, it’s very annoying while playing something for the 1st time, and they keep telling you to play certain words, please stop this practice, at the very least allow me the option of using a show me how feature.

Pop ups

To many pop up adds


I do however enjoy finding the bonus words. My nephew is going to love this game. As an older person it’s a game to pas time. Once you shut the talking off it’s ok.

Not What Is Advertised

The ads show one thing. The game is completely another. Super boring. Gets repetitive and old. Blah blah blah guess what word fits in the crossword. <yawn>

Stupid gamer

I had the game for a couple of months and had achieved levels in the 800’s. Overnight it disappeared and was told if I had not logged in to play on Facebook the levels were lost and could not be recovered. Nowhere it said you had to log in on Facebook. I did enjoy the game but am disappointed to lose everything. That is the last of this game notified Apple of the problems with this game.

Too many ads!

Would gladly purchase an ad-free version!

Good game, way too many ads

Too many ads


There are too many adds it’s hard to enjoy playing . The game would be awesome with out them


Have to watch a 30 second ad after every level. So annoying that I have to deleted the game.

Fun lil game

This game is a fun way to use your spelling smarts. It’s challenging, yet fun :) I like it a lot! O did I mention it’s addicting 🙂


You keep doing words that you have done time and time again. Was interesting at first but as you go up in levels interest is lost.

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