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Good game

Great simple game and relax your mind

Loads of thinking... and fun!

Great way to pass the time while sitting on the subway. At least you’re exercising your brain!


After you get so many words it keeps asking you to pay to get coins from the kitty. The problem is that every puzzle or 2 it keeps asking for cash to get the coins. It might be a fun little game but I can see the con game going on in this after you get rid of the ads. DONT GET RID OF THE ADS the game WILL RIP YOU OFF.

Mr R

Being older (63), I find the game to be more and more stimulating when progressing through the various levels. It has both the challenge of a crossword puzzle and the enjoyment of a game. Loads of fun

Love game, BUT

I am not appreciating the political ads. Please let me escape from all that rhetoric.

Entertaining but ultimately infuriating

I’ve been playing this game for a while now (I’m on level 462), and it’s a fun enough way to pass the time, especially is you spend the $2 to remove ads. Totally worth it, until you finally get so annoyed with all the real words not being recognized that you ragequit and delete the game. That’s where I’m at now. “Not” wasn’t recognized as a word, and there were 3 letter words in the puzzle. I just can’t anymore. Unfortunately, the other game in the App Store has similar problems according to reviews. That’s disappointing.


Good brain exercises


Too many ads. Also it doesn’t accept various words that are clearly in the English language, which breaks up combos. In desperate need of an update in my opinion

I enjoy it...BUT

I really enjoy the game, a good way to pass time when needed HOWEVER having an add for another game between each level is absolute annoyance at its best. I understand with free games adds are needed to keep them that way, but between each level is over kill.

IPad Horizontally

Does NOT work in horizontal mode!

Great fun game.

Love this game

Wanted to play another game

Was wanting to play the match game by drawing lines. That is what game was shown.

Fun but a rip off

Apparently you can only earn coins twice a day otherwise you have to buy them until the counter on the piggy bank goes to zero (every 12 hrs) and it’s been stuck on 02:08 for the past 4 hours just so I buy coins. Such a rip off!

Only been using it for five minutes

They ask for a rating to soon.

The ads are ridiculous!

I like the game it is great for passing time but a lot of things bug me and almost make me want to stop playing which I’m sure I will at some point soon. First, there is literally an ad after every level and the levels really take one to five minutes for the most part. Thirty second ads every couple of minutes is over kill and ridiculous. Also, if you close out real quick to answer a text or something and go back in seconds later, you have to watch a 5-15 second ad for that. Secondly, you have to have coins to get hints and the amount of coins it cost versus how much they give for completing tasks makes it impossible. Thirdly, my husband and I both play and we have noticed that sometimes you have to put in the same word multiple times to have it accept it and a lot of the levels are the same. I like the concept of the game, but all those things just really frustrate me. I hope they change it soon or I’ll just delete it and find something else.

Too many ads!

Just let us play! Watching ads for other games between each and every level is ridiculous!


I need more for my real Money. Huh. Need to give better points


Just started playing and so far so good.

Fun so far

Just started, but love word games


The only issue we have is at Level 400 the color of the words changed to yellow. Therefore, it is so light one cannot see the word. Perhaps this can be fixed? Because of this issue, I have to only give a 3 star instead of a 5.

Stops and starts, most annoying ads

Challenging enough to make idle time better but I get the same two ads, over and over for games I will never download. Also time limited unless you pay up. How about a premium version that allows lots of play? Update 7/14/18: Paid for ad-free which doesn’t affect piggy bank, scores don’t stay synced across devices. So playing on my phone, iPad are different. Not the first time for this but still frustrating on a decent game.


Keeps your mind active. Live it

Fake words

I had fun until I got to higher levels then that’s when words that either only exist in Urban Dictionary or not at all came up. Obber is one example. Google it. Scrabble doesn’t accept this, nor does Words With Friends or Wordplay or ANY word game except this one. I am now deleting it. Good way to save my battery.


Lower levels are hard for adults who overthink. Scoring is confusing, though

not bad, but it's bad

i enjoyed too many ads. it's annoying.

Not the same game

Very frustrating as it is not the same game as advertised.

Love it

I love this game , challenging


Buy a piggy bank!? Granted at the beginning one can watch MORE COMMERCIALS ❗️ I do know there’s other games with way less crap


This is nothing like the video ad I saw on Facebook.

Just started!

Just started playing. Will rate after I’ve played a while. Thanks.

Game great too many commercials

The game is great but driven insane by the ads. One 30 sec commercial after every screen. Had to erase because too many commercials. Can PAY to eliminate ads, 1.99, too much.

Fun game

Something to do to while away the time.

OMG what’s with the ads?

Every time you finish a puzzle you have to watch an ad. Every. Single. Time. ....The. Same. Ads. It’s so annoying!!!

Great Game!

I’m a word nerd and THIS is my new thing. Great game!


Too many ads

They are words!!

Love this game...but it still insists that words like “sits” and “urn” and even “Ran” are not words on specific levels...especially in the upper levels as you go...


The way it makes you wait to collect your 50 coins is totally ridiculous and unfair if I earn them fast I shouldn’t be penalized. Made me stop playing. I guess it’s just your way of having us purchase coins. Bull!

It’s fine


Excessive Ads

The game itself is great. It’s basically an Anagram style crossword as all the words will contain the same 5+ letters. But a 30 second ad after every single level is ridiculous. I don’t mind ads along the edge of the game or every several levels but this one goes far beyond that and makes the game an annoyance to play.

Fun until.......

The ads start pouting in after EVERY level. Sooooo annoying! Deleted this game after figuring out that I had to watch a 30 second add between each level.

Fun game

New updated review... have enjoyed this game a lot. They have worked hard to fix the bugs and I appreciate that. It is a fun game. One problem is that some levels they will recognize words and on another level it is received as an error. Fore example rape is not excepted but raped is. Or gay is rejected then suddenly it appears in the puzzle. When the word is rejected you lose your combo status. So this is definitely a problem.

Fun addictive game

Like this game a lot and the free version has very limited respectful ads that will keep me coming back and likely buy

Long 30 Second Ads after EVERY round!

Game is fine and I don’t mind some commercials but other games make it ten seconds and not after every single round! Word Cookies is the same idea but with less interruptions. Very annoying and disappointing.


i like this game

So so game

I love word canes but this one takes to long between puzzles. I will probably delete it.

Fun but frustrating

Game is fun, and small repetitive words do seem a bit too common. Wish I could collect some points for extra words. Many times the coins I earn are impossible to empty from piggy bank, so it gets really frustrating. Good game, but bugs need work.

Too many ads!

Too many long ads!

Where are the games advertised

Game was advertised TOTALLY different then what you get. What you get is another crossword type game.

Best game I ever played

This game is great it has great game play this game is amazing everybody should play this game


Can’t figure out where the game part is. This is the worst app I have ever seen.

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